5 ways to improve Restaurants turn around

  1. Loyalty offers

The important thing to remember is that generic loyalty programs don’t work, you need to customize them according to your restaurant and your customer base. Failure of the loyalty offers is because hotels doesn’t maintain the records for their customers.

This is Restocaptain helps you Restocaptain  supports loyalty programs and offers in which all the customer data is stored in the database. The hotel owner can simply use their phone number for identification. And as per the Restaurant offers that will get to him.

You can easily integrate the customized loyalty program of your own choice into the Restocaptain software without any hassles.


  1. Keep your customers updated

You can use your marketing skills to boost customer engagement. Tell your customers about the new event at you’re about to start .

Whether you are launching a new dish, hiring a new chef, you should make your customers a part of your restaurant by including them in your milestones. In  Restocaptain  we have given you the email and sms integration by which you always keep your customers updated.


  1. Feedback: To improve your Quality in everything

Feedback from customers is a must for effective communication as it gives you first-hand insights into your faults, and gives you an opportunity to grow as well. It also makes the customer feel valued. It is also a good idea to share customers’ reviews with your other guests, as it lends credibility to the brand.

You can gather customer feedback by presenting them feedback form at the end of their meal, or send them occasional emails asking for their views on your hospitality.

Restocaptain  helps you to smoothly achieve perfect feedback management by providing paperless feedback system. Customers can give their feedback through a tablet which is integrated.



  1. CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management the charm which is very important. The CRM database gives you all the information and reports that you need to know about purchase and customer behavior and helps you take informed decisions based on the data.



5. SMS integration

SMS marketing is considered an effective communication channel as SMSs have a high probability of being opened, and are an excellent way of converting potential customers into dining, happy customers.  A good promotional SMS consists of actionable content that leads to high conversion rates. For example, a promotional message of your dish of the day, and the link to order it online generates home delivery orders.

SMS integration with the Restocaptain   POS allows you to send regular updates to your customers.